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We cater to over 1000 busy physicians and medical corporations across Canada.
We minimize the stress and burden of your finances by:

Understanding the issues related to your personal and corporate finances including common medical billing arrangements, real estate, investments and insurance.

Corresponding directly with your financial advisors, bank, lawyer and CRA on your behalf.

Minimizing your taxes using well-conceived strategies defendable in the very unlikely event of an audit.

Who We Work With

Residents & Fellows

We have expertise in all tax issues relevant to residents & fellows.


We have the knowledge and experience to provide sound independent financial advice. You can delegate the administrative burden of your financial affairs to us.


Hands on assistance with purchasing, establishing, financing, structuring and operating clinics and other business ventures.


Brad Bokhaut, CPA

Brad Bokhaut, CPA

Brad Bokhaut has been assisting physicians with their financial management needs since 1998.

Brad understands that busy physicians have complex financial and tax affairs and appreciate the services of a Chief Financial Officer – someone with the expertise to coordinate all their financial needs.

He has well established relationships with other professionals – lawyers, bankers, financial advisors, insurance representatives and others who also have significant experience servicing physicians, and accounting staff at various hospitals and medical clinics, and communicates with them directly.

Brad has been quoted in CMAJ and has delivered presentations on taxation issues for Doctors Manitoba, MD Management, Law Society of Manitoba, PARIM, Manitoba Clinic Management Group and various investment advisory firms.

Lainey Bokhaut, CPA

Lainey works with residents, attendings, medical corporations, and clinics.

She often works with new to practice physicians, guiding them through the path of debt repayment, incorporation, and financial literacy.

Lainey is a recurring lecturer for the Canadian Medical Association, providing bi-annual seminars to resident physicians of the University of Manitoba.

Lainey sits on the Board of the Jewish Foundation and coaches the Entrepreneurship team at Asper School of Business.

Lainey Bokhaut, CPA

Lainey Bokhaut, CPA

Lainey advises medical residents on financial management and helps them to build a foundation of financial literacy. She also works with practicing physicians, their medical corporations, and medical clinics.

Lainey teaches financial and taxation literacy to resident physicians of the University of Manitoba as part of the CMA Practice Management Curriculum.

Lainey sits on the Board and Audit Committee of the Jewish Foundation. She also coaches the Entrepreneurship team at Asper School of Business.

Management Team

Our goal is to help you spend your leisure time with friends and family. Leave your financial affairs to us.

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