You take care of your patients

We’ll take care of you

“You must pay taxes, but there’s no law that you have to leave a tip”

Morgan Stanley


We take care of everything else

We cater to over 1000 busy physicians and medical corporations across Canada.  

We minimize the stress and burden of your finances by:



Understanding the issues related to your personal and corporate finances including common medical billing arrangements, real estate, investments and insurance


Corresponding directly with your financial advisors, bank, lawyer and CRA on your behalf


Minimizing your taxes using well-conceived and defendable strategies

Who We Work With

Residents & Fellows

We have expertise in all tax issues relevant to residents & fellows.


Hands on assistance with purchasing, establishing, financing, structuring and operating clinics and other business ventures.


We have the knowledge and experience to provide sound independent financial advice. You can delegate the administrative burden of your financial affairs to us.

Meet Our Team

Brad Bokhaut, CPA


Brad Bokhaut has been assisting physicians with their financial management needs since 1998.

Brad understands that busy physicians have complex financial and tax affairs and appreciate the services of a Chief Financial Officer – someone with the expertise to coordinate all their financial needs.

He has well established relationships with other professionals – lawyers, bankers, financial advisors, insurance representatives and others who also have significant experience servicing physicians, and accounting staff at various hospitals and medical clinics, and communicates with them directly.

Brad has been quoted in CMAJ and has delivered presentations on taxation issues for Doctors Manitoba, MD Management, Law Society of Manitoba, PARIM, Manitoba Clinic Management Group and various investment advisory firms.

Lainey Bokhaut, CPA

Lainey advises medical residents on financial management and helps them to build a foundation of financial literacy. She also works with practicing physicians, their medical corporations, and medical clinics.

Lainey teaches financial and taxation literacy to resident physicians of the University of Manitoba as part of the CMA Practice Management Curriculum.

Lainey sits on the Board and Audit Committee of the Jewish Foundation. She also coaches the Entrepreneurship team at Asper School of Business.

Management Team

Our goal is to help you spend your leisure time with friends and family. Leave your financial affairs to us.

What Our Clients Think


At my first meeting with Brad when I was still a resident, he said, ‘You take care of your patients, I’l take care of everything else’. He has developed sophisticated, well conceived tax strategies and has assumed the full burden of implementing them. | have consulted with him on all significant financial decisions; | find his input valuable and easy to understand. | have referred many colleagues to Brad and they have all been delighted with his services.”

Ryan Amadeo

Brad has been my accountant for more than 18 years. His company has advised me through many transition periods – both professional and personal. They explain their strategies in a manner that I understand, and respond to my communications promptly. For busy medical professionals, there is no better peace of mind.

Roxann Stoski

Brad and his team of experts were a breath of fresh air at a time when I was returning from an American fellowship, filing Canadian and US returns and transitioning to a large income stream change. With Brad’s guidance the transition was easy. Now my family has a sophisticated, tax efficient financial plan that I can proudly say I understand completely.
Brad has a way of breaking things down into simple terms, and helps you tailor your plan to your needs on an ongoing basis. Thank you Bokhaut Chartered Professional Accountant Inc.

Lonny Ross

As Executive Director of the UMG, I corresponded with Brad and his staff on a regular basis. I found them very knowledgeable on all matters pertaining to UMG / GFT affairs, issues such as special draws and financial reports issued by UMG. I found the firm developed an excellent rapport with GFT members, and responded quickly and clearly to requests for information and other questions. I highly recommend Bokhaut Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. to all GFT members and other physicians.

Jack Wallace

When I relocated to Winnipeg from Switzerland in 2004, I was impressed by Brad’s kindness and patience when explaining the Canadian tax system to me When I subsequently relocated to Toronto, a 10-year long distance relationship worked out perfectly thanks to his firm’s commitment to providing excellent service. Their highly specialized knowledge and well established network of ‘ancillary’ services such as law firms and financial institutions, and their timely and efficient interactions with these providers were indispensable to me. I respect Brad’s integrity and trustworthiness, and feel truly privileged

Eberhard Renner

As an internist, I wouldn’t try to operate on someone’s hip. Why would I trust my professional taxes to someone who isn’t a specialist in my needs as a physician? To say he is superb feels like an understatement.

Jillian Horton

Bokhaut has provided exemplary service to my professional and personal financial needs for well over a decade. I enjoy
consistently high-caliber attentive and personalized advice that has been the hallmark of their work. I recommend them to my colleagues without reservation.

Wil Fleisher

I feel that Brad’s firm really takes care of me. They understand how busy I am, and do whatever they can to make my life easier ~ client parking spots just steps from the building, reminding me continuously of tax deadlines, contacting my other advisors and bankers directly for information, and being available quickly when I need him.”

Darrel Drachenberg


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The Self-Employed Physician

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